Design Center

Based in Taiwan

In the summer of 2018, Walt Disney and Backbone® launched a serie of Star Wars crossover products including a complete replica of the Millenium Falcon pilot seat, Empire ergonomic chair, and other office furnitures.




For E-sport contestants, having a great chair is as important as having a great computer. Backbone® is one of the pioneers to start develop gaming desks. Inspired by elements in various games, our E-sport products is your best buddy who fight alongside and explore this amazing world with you.



Backbone® is dedicated to create excellent and innovative ergonomic office funitures. Every product we craft, we prioritize sturdy support and comfortability so that everyone can easily build a healthy workplace.

EOS™ ​


With classic design, EOS shines like dawn. Lumbar support is hiding between frames and chair back directly connects to mechanism. EOS takes advantage of the elastic mesh to fix lumbar support and support your back gently.



As we pivoted from OEM/ODM to build our own brand NuPlus®, we have expanded the product line from office chair to entire office furnishing. We thrive in optimizing user experience and increasing efficiency with our brilliant designs.



Backbone® lounge serie Southland is perfect for leisure and meeting. You may add partitions to separate private space, fulfilling the needs for privacy and lounge simultaneously. Various color options make Sounthland the highlight of your interiror design.



Casual appearance and handle design, Wit® is perfect for high desks. Unlike ergonomic chairs, which are designed for long hour sitting, its high mobility makes Wit more adequate for small conference room and office lounge.



UI®Workstation,designed specifically for modern open-plan office, offers a patented multi-functional extrusion slots to maximize employee productivity and to demonstrate the compelling convenience in office.

Our patented extrusion model makes office cabinet, partition, additional elevated table, socket box, and surface mounted socket removable parts, greatly decreased the installing time and the amount of assembling parts. The optional partition made of glass provides privacy for employees,  improving the productivity that traditional Modelopen plan office arrangement lacks.


Office furnitures play a greater role in our lives than ever before. Backbone® is devoted to making products intuitive for everyone. As manufacturer, we are able to optimize the assembling process and decrease package volume.

Backbone® offers exquisite E0 chipboard, various textures and designs allow our products to perfectly fit into any interior design. Furthermore, we can customize all sizes base on your space plan to fulfill your demands.

ultraback logo-01.png

Ultraback, the sub-brand of Backbone®, is founded for all ergonomic accessories. In July, 2018, we launched our first innovative lumbar support on Kickstarter. Now, we are ready to bring the healthy lifestyle every deserves worldwide.




NuPlus, we  thrives in office furniture and appliance designs. With our own production lines in Taiwan, Shanghai, Dongguan, and Vietnam, we are able to bring innovative and bold designs to life.


Our unrivaled designs and 20 yrs of experience in OEM/ODM quickly earned us opportunities to collaborate with renown brands to develop exclusive products including original design tables and replica office chairs for Star Wars®,  Disney Taiwan, and eSport Desks.


We believe in challenging the status quo and devote ourselves to become the new standard of ergonomic fashion in Asia. At Backbone, everything is possible.