About us


Nuplus International CO., works for a better furnishing environment around you. By designing furnishing seating and related service, we improve the human experience wherever people work and live. Our ingenuity, commitment to innovation and design excellence satisfy the demands of customers and create diversity of living life.


We care about how the modern office evolving and we make furniture that responds and adapts to changing needs. We're thinking about the emergence of a new workplace climate, the meaning of new workplace planning models and how ecological principles inform our product designs. Through marketing research and cooperation with our customers, Nuplus dedicates to developing healthy, intelligent, inspiring and durable solutions for the office, the home and for public spaces.


Nuplus works closely with our members including customers, designers, dealers, suppliers, contractors, and among ourselves. We are connected with our partners worldwide and fling ourselves into creating a better workplace furnishing and living environment. Performance isn't a choice. It's up to everybody at Nuplus to perform at his or her best. We are committed to enriching our lives as employees, delighting our customers, and creating real value for our shareholders.